Accommodation Availability and Bookings Status Enquiries

Phone (02) 6295 6634 or fax (02) 6295 1791 or mail to

The RAN Ski Club

PO Box 3484,

Manuka ACT 2603

Please Note – Accommodation Bookings and enquiries cannot be made by email as the Webmaster is remote from the Club’s Canberra office, with no access to records. Please phone the office if you have a query. And please do not send credit card details to this email address as it is not secure.

Accommodation bookings can only be made by Members. We can’t take bookings from non-members. Please see the Booking Conditions below for rates.

Click here to download 2018 Booking Form


Accommodation Rates and Seasons for 2018 (dates are inclusive)

Click 2018 Accommodation Rates to see rates and the periods they apply. With the approval of the appropriate Lodge Vice President, Summer Rates will apply whenever there is insufficient snow for skiing. As a basic rule Winter rates will apply when the lifts are operating. 2018 Booking Form


RAN Ski Club Online Booking System (Club System) Sitrep at 31 March 18

We have contracted to use a commercial online Membership management and Accommodation Booking System which has been developed specifically for Ski Clubs, called Club System.

Club System will be linked to our Website soon. We have some issues to resolve relating to rates and dates which we are working on with the System Developer. Then members will be able to use it for payment, at their option, for accommodation bookings for Perisher lodge. An email with log in details will be sent to all members when the system is ready. 

Traditional mail bookings will still be available for Perisher, but the new system will give immediate feedback on availability and after payment, will confirm bookings in most cases where accommodation is available.Traditional bookings only will be used for Thredbo and Buller.

Click here for the User Instructions for Club System

Booking Rules

Advanced Bookings

  • Bookings for members with work party priorities open 1 March.
  • Bookings for members without a work party priority open 16 March.
  • Bookings for Members with guests open 1 April.

Bookings will be processed on a first come first served within those time frames. Members with priorities may only exercise those priorities before 16 March. After that they will be on a first come first served basis with all other bookings. So, if you have earned a priority don’t waste it – book early!

Alterations (Low and High Season):

  • Alter confirmed booking giving 28 days or more notice: $30 per person per booking. #
  • Alter confirmed booking giving 14 to 28 days notice:  $40 per person per booking #
  • No alterations to confirmed booking with less than 14 days notice#

# May be varied in exceptional circumstances on written request to the Committee with supporting documentary evidence. In any event, a minimum fee of one night’s accommodation per person per booking will be charged.

No alterations to confirmed booking with less than 14 days notice.

* Where a booking is changed to a later date and subsequently cancelled, the cancellation fee applied will be that for the shorter period. For cancellations within 28 days the directors may consider waiving the fee in exceptional circumstances on representation supported by documentary evidence. Such requests should be addressed to the Treasurer as the Booking Officer has no authority to advise or act in these matters. Whenever booking dates are changed an alteration fee will be charged as shown in the table above.

Applications for both Members and Guests

The Club’s approved Booking Form is to be used for all accommodation requests, with separate forms and separate payment (either cheques or credit card authorisations) required for each booking period.

The Booking Form must show the name of each person requiring accommodation, and the ages of all children must be shown. The Booking Officer is authorised to return any incorrect application, which could delay the processing of your request.

Booking Periods

The standard booking periods are:

Weekly Seven nights – Sunday PM to Sunday AM
Five nights – Sunday PM to Friday AM
Weekends Two nights – Friday PM to Sunday AM

Weekly bookings will normally be given priority over weekends, and a standard booking over a non-standard booking. However, every effort will be made to satisfy members’ requests as well as endeavouring to achieve maximum utilisation of the lodges. In order to maintain an equitable allocation of accommodation, applications for bookings in excess of one week will be considered as multiple bookings and thus treated as separate applications.

Additionally, members may seek Advanced Bookings for a maximum of 28 days in each lodge per season, however requests for accommodation in excess of these amounts, received prior to the beginning of the season, will not be processed until then. Persons booked for the maximum continuous stay (28 days) must be absent from the lodge for a minimum of two days before being eligible for a further stay. [Note: Under the NSW Public Health Regulations the maximum continuous stay in Perisher and Thredbo lodges is 28 days.]

Cancellation and Booking Amendment Fees

The following fees are charged for the cancellation or alteration of bookings:

Cancellations (Low and High Seasons):

  • Cancel with more than 28 days notice:        $30 per person per booking. #
  • Cancel with 14 to 28 days notice:                 50% refund. #
  • Cancel with less than 14 days notice:           No refund. #

# May be varied in exceptional circumstances on written request to the Committee with supporting documentary evidence. In any event, a minimum fee of one night’s accommodation per person per booking will be charged.Bookings are not normally transferrable between members.

However in instances where lodges are full and other members are on a waiting list, members unable to fulfil their booking may be fully refunded, provided the member replacing them in the lodge books for the same period and pays the same or a greater amount (ie more guests).

All transfers of bookings will be handled by the Club’s Bookings and Administration Officer. Members are not to transfer bookings between themselves.


Children under four years of age cannot be accommodated in the Perisher Valley Lodge in Winter. Accommodation will be charged at Member or Guest rates dependent upon the classification of the child (ie whether the child has a family membership). There is no special rate for children – They are either a member or a guest.

Confirmation of Bookings

The Booking Officer will confirm your booking as soon as all details are finalised and payment has been received. Should your requested accommodation not be available, the Booking Officer will contact you to offer alternatives. When you receive your confirmation please check your invoice for the correctness of details.

Credit Cards

When using the credit card facilities, please ensure there are sufficient funds available to meet the debit by the Club. Should ‘over-card limit’ require the Booking Officer to request a cheque be sent by the Member, the requested booking will not be held should others have requested the same period.

Family Member Bookings

Family Members 18 years and over may stay in the lodges without their related Ordinary or Associate Member. Family Members under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult member (ie a Member aged 18 or over).

Last-minute Bookings

Accommodation is frequently available at short notice. Members seeking to take up such accommodation should telephone the Booking Officer during the available hours, or after Thursday evening, the Manager of the lodge required, to ascertain availability. Accommodation charges for these bookings are to be paid direct to the Manager, by cash or cheque, on arrival, or prior to extending if already staying in a lodge.

Remember, once made, these bookings are subject to cancellation and alteration fees which will be charged to your account and will need to be cleared before future bookings will be accepted.

Phone numbers for the Lodge Managers are:

Mt Buller: 03 5777 6363

Perisher:  02 6457 5151

Thredbo:  02 6457 6305

Payment for Bookings

Full payment must be made by either an Ordinary, Honorary Life, Associate or Temporary Member at the time of booking, using MasterCard or Visa facilities, or the Member’s crossed cheque made payable to The R.A.N. Ski Club.

Payment by credit card can only be accepted with the Member’s written authorisation or by telephone, and must include the card’s expiry date. Please ensure that the name on the credit card is accurately stated.


If there is insufficient accommodation to meet the demands of advanced bookings, the following priorities will apply to the allocation of accommodation:

  1. Priority 1 Members in sea postings and members who have participated in work parties.
  2. Priority 2 Members in shore establishments which have fixed leave periods
  3. Priority 3 Other Ordinary and Associate members

School Holidays

If necessary a ballot will be held and all applicants will be advised of their booking status by the end of March.

Single Supplement

Members making a booking in the high season for just one person who is not prepared to share a room will be required to pay for the two beds at the applicable rate. Single members and guests will not be forced to share with someone of the opposite sex but may be required to share with an older or younger person.

Special Parties

Members wishing to take special parties to the lodges are to forward their requests to the Booking Officer for consideration by the Directors. The Booking Officer will advise the outcome of the request.

Telephone Bookings

Booking enquiries may be made by phone at any time (see paragraph on hours of contact), however accommodation will normally only be reserved if a written application is made (it may be faxed). However, telephone bookings will be accepted in the two weeks prior to the required booking date if MasterCard or Visa telephone authorisation is given to the Booking Officer at the time of booking.

Booking Application

2018 Booking Form

Summer Bookings 2018-19

Members and their guests may use any of the three Club lodges during summer. Requests for summer bookings, including Christmas, will be taken at any time. Where a manager is not in residence at the lodge, a minimum fee of $200 a day and a minimum booking of 2 days apply to groups of less than 8 people. Where subsequent bookings are made by others, a commensurate refund will be provided.

Summer Bookings for MountBuller are handled by the Victorian Committee. Point of contact Jeremy Butler

Summer Bookings for Perisher and Thredbo are handled by the Booking Officer and requests should be made to Liz on (02) 6295 6634. 

The Thredbo Lodge will be open for members (and their guests) on the following dates in summer 2018/2019

  • Friday 2 November to Sunday 4 November – Snowy Ride
  • Friday 16 November to Sunday 18 November – MtB Opening Weekend
  • Friday 30 November to Sunday 2 December – L’Etape
  • Thursday 6 to Monday 10 December – Cannonball MtB Festival
  • 10 January – 3 February – Christmas School Holidays (NSW and ACT) 

The Lodge is not available from 23 December to 9 January due to “whole of lodge” group bookings.

  • Friday 8 to Sunday 10 February Snowies MtB Fest / Craft Beer Festival
  • Friday 22 to Sunday 24 February TreX Cross Triathlon – Lake Crackenback
  • Snowies Ultra Trail Run – Lake Crackenback
  • Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 March National Interschools MtB
  • Friday 29 to Sunday 31 March NSW State Series MtB
  • 13-29 April – Easter School Holidays including Easter LWE

More information on these events available on the Thredbo website:  

Book a whole lodge

Are you planning a conference, family reunion, birthday or other celebration next summer?

The lodges are usually not busy during summer, except for certain weekends at Thredbo, but if you want to have exclusive use of a lodge for a particular function you may now do so at special discount prices. Whole of lodge bookings may not be available in popular periods (eg Christmas, Jazz Festival weekend) where other members may wish to use the lodge.

Whole of lodge bookings can only be made in summer and a set price will apply regardless of the number of people or the mix of members and guests. At least one of the persons must be a member who is deemed competent by the Lodge VP and they must ensure compliance with the rules for the use of lodges in summer.

The rates applicable for having exclusive use of a lodge during summer are as follows:

  • Thredbo (maximum of 34) $450 per night
  • Perisher (maximum of 26) $350 per night
  • Mt Buller (maximum of 60) $750 per night

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