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RAN SKI CLUB has two levels of membership: 

1   Ordinary & ADF Associate 2021 Ordinary (NAV) & ADF Membership Application v1

2   NON-ADF Associate         2021 NON ADF Associate Membership Application v1



a)   ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP (NAVY) is restricted to serving and ex-serving Members of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), Permanent (PN) and Naval Reserves (NR).   

Ordinary Membership is approved on :

  • copy of current Service ID
  • Discharge Certificate

Ordinary Members:

  • have full voting rights
  • may propose and/or second new members
  • nominate to hold elective office

b)   ADF ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (Army & RAAF) – There is a provIsion in the Club’s Constitution for certain other persons who are not eligible for Ordinary Membership, to apply for Associate Membership. 

This includes current serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Members of the ARMY and RAAF.   Membership does not need to be proposed/seconded by Ordinary members.  Membership is approved on proof of:

  • Current Service ID
  • Discharge Certificate or similar


2.   Associate Membership (NON-Defence).  This category applies to Widows, widowers, former spouses of Ordinary Members,  Honorary Life Members.  Children on Family Memberships of this category can apply for Associate Membership once the reach the age of 21 (as at January 1).

c)   Civilians (Non-Defence) – Applications from civilians who do not meet the above conditions in a) or b) may be considered :

      • on provision they have rendered special service to the Club
      • in the opinion of the directors, would be in a position to render service to the Club

Applications for Civilian (Non-Defence) Membership need to be vouched for in writing :

      • Proposed by Ordinary Members – with detailed Reference, as to their suitability for approval
      • Seconded  – by Ordinary Member


FAMILY MEMBERSHIP  (both levels)

Ordinary Members & Associate Members may include members of their family under Family Membership.   There are two levels of Family Membership:

a)  Family Membership (1 child)

      • Ord/Ass Member  (Family Head)      Joining Fee $217 + Annual Subscription $149
      • Ord/Ass Member Spouse                  Only Annual Subscription $149
      • Ord/Ass Family Child (under 21)       Only Annual Subscription $149

b)   Family Membership (Cap) 2 or more children

      • Ord/Ass Member  (Family Cap)      Joining Fee $217 + Annual Subscription $499
      • Family Cap Membership includes spouse and 2 or more children.

Once children included on family memberships reach the age of 21, they are no longer eligible for family membership, but may apply for Associate Membership.  If membership is applied for/approved prior to their 22nd birthday, they only pay

      • Joining Fee $219
      • Annual subscription is waivered for the first year.
      • following annual subscriptions apply.

Children who do not apply for Associated Membership prior to attaining their 22nd birthday or children who are not included on a family membership pay:

      • Joining Fee $219
      • Annual Subscription $149 

2021 EX FAMILY NON ADF Associate Membership Application v1 for Children on family memberships turning 21



Ordinary and Associate (Defence) members who are being deployed overseas may put their membership on ‘temporary hold’ for the duration of their overseas deployment.  The temporary overseas status of the member will be changed to : 

      • Overseas (Ordinary) Member
      • Overseas (Associate Member

An annual fee of $35 is payable by the member to retain their membership, but during this time the member is not financial and is unable to make any bookings at our lodges.

Overseas Memberhsip does not apply / include any member/s on a family membership.   Spouses and children status will be changed to:

      • Resigned/Retired member

Resigned/Retired status equates to non-financial and spouses and children are unable to stay at any of our lodges under their membership.

On deployment back to Australia, the full membership can be reactivated by payment of the annual subscription.  Family Membership can be reactivated on payment of annual subscription per above Family Membership (member, spouse & 1 child) or Family Cap Membership (for more than 1 child)

4.   Foreign Military Membership – Members of Foreign Military personnel assigned temporarily for duty in Australia may apply for temporary membership, along with their families.   Membership will be approved on:

      • Proof of Military ID Card
      • Posting Order

Because of the short term of their assignment in Australia, the annual subscription is payable and the joining fee is waived.


Updated 30 May 2021

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