Membership Conditions

Current Members

We have contracted to use a commercial online Membership Management and Accommodation Booking System which has been developed specifically for Ski Clubs, called Club System.

Current Members are now able to manage their membership details using Club System. 

An email was sent to all Ordinary and Associate members with your log in details on 31 Dec 18. Logins will not be issued to Family members.

Future Members

If you are interested in becoming a member, please read the Rules below to see if you qualify for Membership.

Membership Rules 2019

Ordinary Members

Ordinary Membership of the R.A.N. Ski Club is restricted to present and past members of the Permanent Navy or the Naval Reserve. Only Ordinary Members may vote and hold elective office.

Associate Membership

There is a provision in the Club’s constitution for certain other persons not eligible for Ordinary Membership to be elected to Associate Membership.  

a. Australian Army and RAAF members/ex-members will be accepted as Associate members upon ‘proof of service’ i.e  ID card, discharge Certificate or similar.

b. Widows/widowers, former spouses and children (having attained the age of 21 as at 1 January) of  Honorary Life, Ordinary, and Associate Members, are also eligible to seek Associate Membership.

Applications for membership from civilians who do not meet the conditions in a or b above will be considered from prospective members who meet the provision that they ‘have rendered special service to the Club or who, in the opinion of the directors, would be in a position to render service to the Club’. The manner in which this applies should be identified by the applicant in some detail and supported by the proposer.

Foreign Military Members

Foreign Military personnel who are assigned temporarily for duty in Australia and their families will be accepted as temporary members upon ‘proof of service’ i.e. ID card, and posting order. Because of the short term of their assignment in Australia, the annual subscription is payable and the joining fee is waived.

Family Membership

The spouses and children under 21 years of age of Ordinary and Associate Members may join as Family Members.

Membership Nominations

Applicants who meet the conditions for Associate Membership under Sub paras a & b need only provide proof of service (e.g. copy of Service ID card, letter from unit CO or a copy of discharge certificate).  Nomination and seconding by Ordinary Members of the Club is preferred but not essential.

All other applications for Associate Membership must be proposed in writing by one Ordinary or Honorary Life Member and seconded by another and must be accompanied by a written reference from the proposer which details how the applicant meets the conditions of Associate Membership.

Membership fees for 2019

There is a once only Joining Fee of $213. This fee is paid by the Ordinary or Associate member only and is not paid by the spouse or children joining as Family members.

The annual subscription for Ordinary and Associate members is $146 per person with a family maximum of $489. For example, a family consisting of two parents and two children will only pay $489 per year and not $584. Larger families save even more.

Membership Application Forms

Click here to download the   2019 Ordinary Membership Application 

Click here to download the 2019 Associate Membership Application

Click here to download the  2019 Foreign Military Membership Application

Updated March 19

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