Perisher Valley Lodge

The Perisher Valley Lodge is on the south eastern slope of Perisher Valley, about one kilometre from the Perisher Valley Skitube Terminal, day car park and the Perisher Ski Centre.

Perisher Ski Resort comprises the once separate resorts of Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Guthega Village and Blue Cow. In terms of ski lift capacity and lift accessible terrain it is Australia’s largest ski resort. The area possess an extensive network of Nordic ski trails, the more popular of which are regularly groomed, and ready access to back country.

Residents at Perisher Lodge can also access the resorts of Thredbo (by

Skitube and shuttle bus) and Charlotte Pass (by over snow transport).

Getting to Perisher Valley

If coming by car, make sure it is in good condition, with a sound battery, antifreeze,

and plenty of tread on the tyres. It is compulsory to carry properly fitting snow chains in 2 wheel drive vehicles if proceeding beyond the park entry at the Thredbo River, which is about 20 km before you get to Perisher. It is also recommended that, although not mandated by law, 4WD vehicles carry chains unless fitted with designated snow tyres (“mud and snow” tyres don’t qualify, apparently).

Access to the Perisher Valley Lodge is via Jindabyne on the Kosciusko Road, through the National Park gates where you will have to pay a daily entrance fee unless you hold an annual NPWS pass. Park entry fees are:

  • Winter season (from the beginning of the June long weekend the end of the October long weekend), $27 per vehicle per day.
  • Outside the winter season, $16 per vehicle per day.
  • An annual NSW All Parks Pass (covers Kosciuszko National Park) costs $190.

If you want more information about Park Entry Fees go to Introduction of winter entry visitor surcharge to NSW ski fields

The large car park in Perisher Valley is open from 0700 until midnight for day visitors only. Overnight parking is NOT permitted above the snow line in winter. However, overnight parking within the Kosciuszko National Park is available at Sawpit Creek [to the left of the Park entrance gates]. For connections to Perisher contact Sawpit Mick’s Valet Parking Service ((02)6456 2321 & 0412 045 894). Sawpit Mick advises that he is still operating but the fixed service usually just takes messages and that it is best that people call his mobile number if they want to speak to him directly.

Alternative access is via Jindabyne and the Alpine Way (towards Thredbo) and then via the Skitube at Bullocks Flat. Free overnight parking is available here. Skitube operates from Bullocks Flat, on the Alpine Way (the road to Thredbo). During the winter trains operate to Perisher Terminal, providing a 20 – 30 minute service between 0600 and 1800 then hourly until 0100 (all night at weekends) and at 0500 (timetables and fares from 1300 655 822 or Free short and long term car parking are available at Bullocks Flat.  A park entry permit is NOT required to access the Ski Tube terminal at Bullocks Flat.

Trolleys are available for your baggage and there is a service elevator at Perisher Centre to help you to and from the platform level. Skitube also connects Perisher with Blue Cow (free to those holding a lift pass) for those wishing to ski the Blue Cow Guthega area. Luggage restrictions apply on Skitube on certain days at certain times. See the Perisher Resort Skitube Timetable website for details.

For those not coming by car, Greyhound Pioneer’s central reservations number is 1300 473 946, but there is no longer a direct service to Perisher Valley; the Thredbo service drops off and picks up at Bullocks Flat (Skitube) for passengers to/from Perisher.

Brindabella Airlines are now operating the services between Sydney and Cooma; for bookings call 1300 668 824, general inquiries 02 6215 2970, Mon-Fri 0900-1700A Snowy Mountains Airport Shuttle service to the snowfields meets most flights – call 02-6452 4455.

From the Perisher Terminal to the Lodge it’s “shank’s pony” or Hans Oversnow. For the latter, book at the desk in the Terminal on arrival or call (02) 6457 5334: but be warned, there is a hefty ‘call out’ fee between 0030 and 0630.  Prices for Hans Oversnow are $16 per person each way.  The call out fee is $44. Perisher visitors might want to enquire about “skier special” fares; last year, for $5 per head, people without luggage or, in theory, shopping, could get a ride home between about 1600 and 1800 and parties could book a ride down in the morning for the same price.

Lodge Facilities

The lodge is equipped with blankets, doonas and pillows, so you need only bring sheets, pillow cases and towels, food, drink and personal belongings. There is adequate day-to-day storage for foodstuffs and drinks, with a numbered cupboard in the kitchen for each cabin, communal refrigerators and a freezer. The kitchen is well equipped for gourmet chefs or camp cooks.


This club and its lodges functions on the basis that members and guests do communal “chores” within the lodges. This helps to defray costs. To ensure the burden of chores is shared, a Task Board is to be found in the kitchen. This will let members and guests know what tasks are expected of them.

The Manager will fill out the Task Board. If you are in doubt about anything just ask the Manager or a more experienced member; it’s a friendly place.

Your assistance and co-operation is sought in helping new members settle in, doing your share of the communal chores and cleaning. A full lodge is usually a happy one so you will be encouraged to join in and contribute.

On Leaving

You are requested to vacuum and clean your room. Unused foodstuffs must be cleared from the kitchen cupboards, refrigerator and freezer, and either taken home, put in the rubbish bins, or if appropriate, left for ‘community’ use.

Shopping in the Valley

A supermarket/liquor store in the Perisher Skitube terminal is open in winter only. Orders can be placed by phone and delivered to the Lodge for a small fee. Telephone (02) 6457 5555. In summer, bring all your food and drink with you or shop in Jindabyne, 33km down the hill. Also in winter only, there are a Medical Centre, newsagent cum video hire, pharmacy and shops selling skiing equipment, clothing, souvenirs and jewellery.


In winter, in addition to the many daytime fast food outlets catering for skiers and day trippers there are several good restaurants open in the evening and live action is often to be found in the pubs and bars. In summer it is very quiet!

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