Online Accommodation Bookings Instructions

RAN Ski Club Online Booking System (Club System)

We have contracted to use a commercial online Membership management and Accommodation Booking System which has been developed specifically for Ski Clubs, called Club System. After a successful trial at Perisher lodge, and for Annual Subscriptions in 2019, we are expanding the system to all lodges for the 2021 ski season. 

Traditional mail bookings will still be available for all lodges, but Club System will give immediate feedback on availability and after payment, will confirm bookings in most cases where accommodation is available. Out of Season accommodation bookings cannot be done on Club System as we do not have Managers in the lodges for much of the offseason. Therefore all such bookings must be made through the Booking Officer in our Canberra office by phone 02 6295 6634 or fax 02 6295 1791. Offline bookings cannot be made by email. 

Members Page

Each member will have a login (your email address) and password to enable the use of Club System. Initially, temporary passwords were distributed by email in December 2018 to the latest email address we have for you. On the first login, you will need to change the password to one of your own choice, as the system will not allow you to proceed until this is done, for obvious security reasons. If you have lost that login please contact VPMMC at

Membership details

Once you’ve logged in, you can check and update your membership (and family) status. Click on the pencil symbol to update your details.

  • To summarise, the process is as follows. Members will not be able to proceed elsewhere in the site until 2 & 3 are completed. 
    1. Login
    2. Change Password
    3. Confirm Membership Details
    4. View Member page


Once your Annual Subs are paid, you will be recorded as financial, which will allow you to make bookings, once the Booking Periods are opened. This will be iaw our normal policy:  Booking Bands may change each year and are shown in the Booking Rules 

Bookings will be processed on a first come first served within those time frames. Members with priorities may only exercise those priorities before 16 March. After that, they will be on a first come first served basis with all other bookings. So, if you have earned a priority don’t waste it – book early

The sub menus on this page are

  • My Bookings- check previous bookings
  • Availability – check future lodge vacancies
  • Make a Booking
  • Booking Openings – when bookings can be made
  • Booking Periods – ie when different rates apply such as low season, high season etc as detailed in the Booking Rules.

Bed Availability Page

Make a booking

The booking form is pretty much self explanatory. If you don’t select a lodge from the drop down list, or select options where marked in red, you can’t complete the form. It’s important to complete the age and gender boxes to enable appropriate bed allocation in multi berth cabins.

Make a Booking Page

Hit continue to take you to the confirm booking page.

Importantly, note that you must accept the Booking Conditions before you can confirm the booking

Payment Page

Payment Page

The only online payment option available to RAN Ski Club is PayPal. Disregard the “Authorize.Net” and “CBA” options which now don’t appear on our version.

If you want to pay by Cash, cheque or Credit Card, you’ll need to use the traditional offline process.

If you have any questions, please email VPMMC at the address on the home page.

Updated 19 Dec 19

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