Important Documents

Club Constitution

It is in members’ interests to be aware of the contents of the Club Constitution.

Click to read or download the Constitution.

RAN Ski Club Constitution 2015 version

Club By-Laws

The Directors have approved these By-Laws to be used in conjunction with the Constitution to guide the operations of the Club. It is in member’s interests to be aware of the contents.

R A N Ski Club By-Laws 2020 v2.1

Members’ Handbook

We’ve republished the Handbook to bring all the information about the Club’s activities and ‘Rules’ together in one spot for ease of reference.

RAN Ski Club Members’ Handbook 2019 v1

Strategic Plan

The Directors have approved and issued the attached Strategic Plan to guide development of the Club over the next few years. The Plan will be reviewed and updated annually.

RAN Ski Club Strategic Plan 18-23


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