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We have contracted to use a commercial online Membership management and Accommodation Booking System which has been developed specifically for Ski Clubs, called Club System.

Club System will be linked to our Website very soon and we plan to use it, at member’s option, for accommodation bookings at Perisher soon (updated 1 May)

Traditional mail bookings will still be available for all lodges, but for Perisher, the new system will give immediate feedback on availability and after payment, will confirm bookings in most cases where accommodation is available. If all goes well, we’ll expand use to include Annual Subs and online bookings for all lodges for 2019

When we are ready to ‘go live’ Members will be able to manage their membership details using Club System. Initially, temporary passwords will be distributed by email to the latest email address we have for you. Your email address will be your login. On first login, you will need to change the password to one of your own choice, as the system will not allow you to proceed until this is done, for obvious security reasons.(Updated 1 May)

Membership details

Once you’ve logged in, you can check and update your membership (and family) status. Click on the pencil symbol to update your details.

  • To summarise, the process is as follows. Members will not be able to proceed elsewhere in the site until 2 & 3 are completed. 
    1. Login
    2. Change Password
    3. Confirm Membership Details
    4. View Member page

Members will also be able to manage their membership details using Club System.

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