Honorary Life Members

2006 Old members

Three Life Members, Brian Read, Graham Wright (dec’d)  and Don Mascord (dec’d)

Honourary Life Members of the R.A.N. Ski Club

Campbell McLaren (Foundation Member)

Phil Stevenson (Foundation Member) – Deceased

Graham Wright (Foundation Member) – Deceased

Phillip Davies

Noni Lloyd – Deceased

Don Mascord -Deceased

Don Mascord started as the lodge manager at Mt. Buller back in 1992 or thereabouts, after Noni Lloyd was forced to give the job of managing away due her poor health. He continued in the job until 1997 when he thought he had enough, 1998-99 we went down the track of a paid manager, it didn’t work out. Don came back to Buller as manager in 20?? and was there until20??. In 2003 he did the first half of the season, and trained his replacement John Lacey. During this time at Buller, he has made numerous friends young and old both in the Lodge and around the mountain. Over the years he became the Patriarch, influencing numerous children to have respect for the club, the lodge and the other members. They never wanted to get on the wrong side of him. He now fills his time in helping out with the management of Thredbo and Perisher Lodges. Don also finds time to do the Clubs Mail outs. Over the years Don has also fronted up to many of the work party weekends that we have had at Buller having driven down from Sydney with his wife on her way to a dog show or with friends of his that he has introduced to the club. He has always said that if there is an emergency, all we need to do is call him and he’ll be down.

Judith Rowe


Harry Adams – Deceased

Harry Adams took over the Presidency from David Martin in 1984 and was faced with the extraordinary general meeting that objected to the expansion of the Mt Buller Lodge. Harry diffused the situation and handled it with great dignity. The lodge was expanded and it has become a great lodge. Harry also put in a lot of effort in lobbying for more beds for our lodge at Perisher but with no success at that time. History shows that we have since been successful.  When he retired from the Navy, Harry stood down as President to make way for a serving member. He continued to be a great friend of the Club.

At the time of his election, Harry said that it was a great honour to be made an Honorary Life Member of the Ski Club which he has known since the late 1950s. The Club is determined to go from strength to strength despite some rocky patches along the way. An enormous amount of determination on the part of the members has made sure that it has pulled through. Being an all ranks Club and all of one company has created a great atmosphere.

 Terry Roach

Like many of us, Terry joined the RAN Ski Club as the result of a Navy Exped.   That was back in 1955, when the opportunity to escape the Naval College arose.   To be a skier in those days required real dedication – parking at Tip Corner and backpacking goods and chattels a good few miles to the YHA youth hostel.   On arrival, there was only one ski tow – a rope tow on Bourke St and it won’t surprise you that Terry belonged to that group of Navy personnel who distinguished themselves around Australia’s snow fields.   I can’t go into a lot of detail here, but I do know of one instance involving a broken rope tow, some practical splicing and unlimited free beer.

Over the centuries, Navies haven’t changed much and, as still happens now, young Terry didn’t have much chance to remain involved in skiing as he pursued his career with the mandatory vast amounts of sea-time.   But in 1984, one David Martin persuaded Terry to stand as VP ACT, with Harry Adams as President.   Terry remained as VP until 1988, during which time he was involved in the Plan of Management for the Development of Beds for Club Lodges.   In 1989, Terry succeeded Harry, only to face an ultimatum from the Snowy Shire Council to effectively reduce the RAN Ski Club’s number of beds, and move out of the Club lodge in Jindabyne (South).   As a result, and with the uncertainty of continued Club operations in Perisher, if a head lease similar to Thredbo was negotiated, land was bought in Jindabyne as a hedging strategy.   Having settled this issue, Terry stood down as President in 1991, lured, if not by promises of unlimited free beer, at least some fun as Defence Attache in Washington.

In 1995, the Club again called on Terry and asked him to again stand as President.   This latest term as President saw Terry achieve a long standing Ski Club goal of more beds in the snow.   The solution was simple – buy the Thredbo Army lodge – the lodge we are in today.

Having achieved this goal, Terry stood down in 2001 to return to his fine merino sheep, who occasionally allow him to ski, though not perhaps as regularly as he would wish.

Peter Purcell

Peter joined the RAN Ski Club as the result of a posting to Canberra with his family   in 1981.   Peter quickly became involved in the management of the Club, being elected to the ACT Sub Committee in the mid-eighties and taking over from Terry Roach as VP ACT in 1988.   He remained as VP until 1991, during which time he was involved in the ongoing battle to secure additional beds at Perisher and the fall back of acquisition of land and a new lodge at Jindabyne.   Peter was also the manager of Navy’s Inter-service Nordic Ski team during this period, when the team was a significant user of the Perisher lodge facilities.   The team’s members and their families successfully represented the Club in most of the Nordic races in the valley.

In 1991, Peter again succeeded Terry, this time taking over as President, a position he fulfilled until 1995.   During this period, Peter directed the move of the Club’s centre of business from Melbourne to Canberra.   He identified and recruited “volunteers” such that the Club’s President, Treasurer and Secretary were all Canberra-based.   With key personnel in place, he set about establishing a more professional, centralised organisation by ensuring the essential components of key Directors, the Club’s bank and the Club’s Registered Office were all in the same location.   The Club’s accounts and bookings also went digital at this time.   The results proved to be a match winning formula as the Club has gone from strength to strength since then with the Club now having three unencumbered long lease in-snow lodges.   The framework to enable this achievement was a vision that Peter shared with the committees of that period.

The framework was just beginning to bear fruit when Peter’s promotion to Rear Admiral in Nov 1994 was announced.   He elected to stand down as President in 1995 to ensure that the Club had a President who was less distracted by the demands of his day job.   Since then, Peter has continued to be a club member and can often be seen around the Cross Country trails of Perisher Valley.   He remains a keen skier and Nordic instructor and in 2005 took over the skiing coaching of the Navy Interservice Nordic and Biathlon team from fellow club member Brian Read.   Between them they have provided ongoing encouragement to new and wavering prospective team members to take up Club membership.

Brian Read – Deceased

Brian joined the Club in 1973 and has been active in the running of the Club ever since. He has been Secretary and VP NSW and served on a committee for most of his time in the Club. He has been manager of the Club lodge at Perisher since 1988 and continues in that position until very recently. He ran the Club Nordic ski weeks for about 20 years and was involved in inter-Service Nordic skiing. He is a stalwart of the Club and is always there with a wealth of information on the Club and skiing.

At the time of his election, Brian said that he was honored to be elected as the Club had been a major part of his life for over 30 years and his family had taken second place on more than one occasion over the years. He planned to keep on skiing and keep on serving the Club for as long as he can.

Doug Collins

Mal reported that Doug joined the Club in 1975 after a snow survival exercise on his Physical Training Instructor course. He joined a sub committee shortly after joining the Club, served as Perisher Lodge Representative and was VP ACT from 1992 until 2001. He organized the census of Club members and had a big hand in the purchase of the Thredbo Lodge.

At the time of his election, Doug said that he was initially embarrassed by the offer as he thought that there were a lot of other people more deserving of the honour. He thanked his sub-committee members and his family for all their support over the years. He had only stood down from his directorship because of a change in employment and the desire to spend more time with his young family.

Malcolm and Narelle Peters

Mal and Narelle joined the RAN Ski Club after Mal’s posting to HMAS CERBERUS in 1986.  Narelle joined as an Ordinary Member at the same time having herself served in the then Woman’s Royal Australian Naval Service (WRANS).  Mal quickly became involved in the Club along with Narelle his wife   In 1996, Mal took on the role of VP (Victoria) and a Director of the RAN Ski Club.     For 15 years, Mal served as a Club Director and the VP (Victoria) with Narelle on the Sub Committee and always by Mal’s side, with the Mt Buller lodge thriving under their joint team leadership.   Narelle was the driving force in much on the ongoing maintenance and renewal of the Lodge over the period

Both Mal and Narelle have led and inspired a sense of community in the Mount Buller Lodge over their entire association with the Club.   The fraternity of the members and visitors who visit each season and the level of good will that one experiences when staying at Mt Buller is in no small way a reflection of Mal and Narelle’s manner, demeanour and good nature and the way they can relate with all involved in the Mt Buller Lodge community.

Both Mal and Narelle’s leadership has also involved engagement with the wider Mt Buller community and testament to the good relations that they have engendered is clearly demonstrated in the Community Recognition Accolade Award given to the RAN Ski Club by the Mt Buller Alpine Resort Management Board in 2009.

Mal and Narelle’s coordination and planning of work parties, their engagement with a number of members, particularly Associate Members who have special handyman/trade skills, has resulted in the Mt Buller Lodge always being prepared for each winter season in first class condition and invariably at minimal cost to the Club’s finances.

Mal has always led the Victorian Sub Committee by the process of inclusion, welcoming the contribution of all and in so doing, has engendered good will amongst all involved.

You will be aware that a member has been proposed to the Board for Honorary Life Membership.  That member is Jennifer Cook, wife and partner of founding member Bill Cook.  Bill was also an Honorary Life Member until his death.

Jennifer Cook – Deceased

Jenny is a fit, determined and successful Nordic skier, representing our Club for many, many years in local citizen events such as the KAC race, contributing to the award of “pennants” to the Club, many still on display in the Perisher Lodge.  She personally won countless prizes and trophies, bringing honour and glory to our Club; she not only participated in skiing events, but more importantly she encouraged younger club members and also gave of her time and withstood the cold and discomfort of supporting other events, such as the Feral Ski Club/Osram Night Relays and helping to earn and maintain the high regard in which our Club is held by the Nordic Skiing community in NSW. She also created and maintained for many years a photograph album for the Perisher Lodge.

Following the death of Bill, Jenny was invited to become an Associate Member in her own rite.  In recognition of Jenny’s significant contributions to, and her inspirational leadership in the Cross country arena, Jennifer was elected an Honorary Life Member.

Liz Osborne

Liz has worked tirelessly as the Club’s Administration and Booking Officer for over 20 years in our offices in Manuka.   Her dedication, drive, enthusiasm, tact and eternal good humour in supporting our members in general, and the Board in particular, over such a long period of time, has been appreciated by all Directors and Club Members.

Liz has been the public face since 1988.   Since taking on the role, Liz has, more often than not, successfully ‘sold’ the benefits of the Club and its facilities to prospective new members convincing people to sign up.   In addition, she has provided information and perspective to the Directors and has demonstrated her value as an important source of corporate memory – there’s not much that Liz has neither dealt with nor heard about.

The Club has made great progress over the period Liz has been running our office and having Liz as a single point of contact over this period has given the Club stability and has helped enable the Club to make that progress.

Liz’s efforts in running the Club’s Office and providing a “personalised” service have earned the respect and appreciation of all our Club members.

Paul Jones

Paul joined the RAN Ski Club in 1972 and served on the NSW and ACT sub-committees through the 80’s and 90’s. He was elected as our Club Treasurer in 1992 and has served continuously in that role since. His astute stewardship of our Club finances and his sage advice to Directors throughout his tenure as our Treasurer have together been instrumental in achieving the strong position we now enjoy. Through his influence and initiative, the Club;

  • Transitioned to a disciplined business model which enabled the Club to obtain a strong credit rating, and fully audited accounts;
  • was able to exercise lease extensions for Buller in 1997, Perisher in 2005, Thredbo in 2007 while progressively enhancing lodge amenities and responding to ad hoc requirements by lease holders to implement additional health and safety measures, without recourse to members for additional funds.
  • was well placed to seize opportunities to acquire the Thredbo Lodge in 2000, as well as additional beds at Perisher in 2008 and complete a rebuild of our Lodge here at Perisher in 2012. 

As a result of his analysis, guidance and management of our finances, the Club is now able to contemplate a large-scale project to redevelop the Thredbo Lodge accommodation wing in an affordable manner while maintaining contingency reserves to deal with maintenance and enhancement of our other two lodges and provide for significant future expenditure to renew our lodge leases and develop the Buller Lodge.

Jeremy Butler

Jeremy Butler, a Retired Naval helicopter pilot,has been a member of the RAN ski club for over 20 years, he was an active member of the RAN ski race team, and to this day remains an annoyingly good skier. 
As VP Buller,  he embarked on an extensive overhaul of the Buller administrative processes including a very thorough Standard operation procedures document that, to this day, is used as the final authority to end many a barside dispute.
As well as administrative improvements, he oversaw the transformative re-Glazing of the lodge and upgrade to the upstairs showers.

On the social side, he has built the Ski Club race weekend into the most highly anticipated event of the season, with over 70 attendees and growing.

His passion for the club is prodigious, he only relinquished the position of VP when he and his family moved to the UK. Even now residing on the other side of the world, he still manages our summer bookings, MC’s the annual Club race weekend, and is an active and vocal member of the Buller committee.

Ed Watson

Phil Gregory

Phil served on the Board for numerous years in various capacities as VP NSW, in
which he was responsible for Membership and Marketing, then President for seven
and a half years (from December 2002 to May 2010) and, after a well-deserved break,
his reappearance as VP Thredbo in May 2016.
As VP Thredbo, he was responsible for developing the proposal to redesign Thredbo
Lodge and to progress a Development Application submission for Board approval.

Phil joined The R.A.N. Ski Club in the early 1970s. Like most members, he skied as
much as his young family and the vast amounts of sea-time would permit. It was in
the mid-1990s that he first joined the NSW Sub-Committee to help run the Club and
was elected VP NSW in 2000. One of his lasting contributions to the Club’s business
model was the conduct of an Expression of Interest to manage the Club’s Office and
Bookings. After assessing the responses, Capital Travel was selected as the Preferred
Tenderer and Phil was responsible for negotiating the first five-year contract with
options for extension. It is the model we continue to use today.

During his time as President, significant Board achievements included:
 Updating of the Club’s Constitution;
 Renewal of our Thredbo lease;
 Negotiating 7 additional beds for our Perisher lodge (from 19 to 26); and
 A new 26-bed Perisher lodge design.

While these were noteworthy achievements, Phil’s most remarkable gift to the Club
has been his people skills, which he has put to extraordinary use in the numerous
incidents which have arisen over the years. The most significant of these was the
threat posed to the Club by the removal of trees and foliage which were close to our
Buller lodge. The Buller lodge work party team at the time assessed that the foliage
presented a fire risk and was impeding access for window maintenance along the side
of the lodge. In true Navy fashion, they set about solving the window maintenance access problem by ‘pruning’ the trees. Unfortunately, prior authorisation to remove
the foliage had not been sought from the Mount Buller authorities (a condition of our
lease), who were less than impressed. Phil, as Club President, had to leave his work
in Sydney and fly to a weekday meeting with Buller Management. The environment
was heated and it was clear our Lease was under threat. Phil’s calm, reasonable
nature was put to good use and, as a result, the Club avoided a hefty fine. Phil’s skill
as a master of compromise resulted in a solution being reached in which no one lost
face and the Club’s reputation remained untarnished. The outcome negotiated by Phil
was a truly remarkable achievement, which deserves recognition.

His willingness, after having already served as President, to again volunteer to return
to the Board as VP Thredbo is an indication of his commitment to the Club and his
willingness to help improve Club facilities. His engineer’s perspective and
understanding continue to be valuable assets to the Board. He is now heavily engaged
in ensuring the groundwork for the redevelopment of Thredbo Lodge is complete.
You would be aware that our Thredbo site and Thredbo’s history bring unique
challenges which Phil has taken in his stride to ensure that the RAN Ski Club will
have the best possible outcome.


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