COVID-19 Impact Update

NSW NPWS Information

NPWS has put together an FAQ document to assist in providing visitors with answers to the many queries they have been receiving.. This has been posted here NPWS 2020 Ski Season FAQ Final
The alerts page on the NPWS website has also been updated and can be viewed on the link below:
Key issue of tobogganing and snow play has been a difficult one to work through. At this stage NPWS have banned the activity of toboggining within Kosciuszko National Park. Snow play is permitted. However, NPWS are asking that visitors do not come to the resort areas just for snow play to assist with the current capacity restrictions. There are no areas allocated for snow play within the resort areas at present.

 COVID-19 – Implications for RAN Ski Club Operations – update at 4 July 2020

Please note that because of restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not using the Online Accommodation Booking for any further accommodation bookings in 2020 season.

We are continually assessing Club operations cognisant of the Australian Government (Federal and State) directions and guidance, including any directions concerning travel as well as limitations on indoor and outdoor gatherings. While we will try to keep our website up to date, the resorts are also refining their procedures and we strongly recommend you keep watch on the resort websites at

 All RAN Ski Club Lodges are now open for the season.

COVID-19 Safe Operating Plans

We have endorsed COVID-19 safe operating plans for all lodges:

Members taking up bookings will be required to sign a COVID 19 risk acknowledgment (this is NOT an indemnity form) or they will be denied entry to the lodge.  Thredbo and Buller will operate at reduced capacity with a higher requirement for occupants to undertake regular cleaning duties. Lodge bookings will initially only be available for members and their families. Bookings for Perisher and Thredbo will be accepted for 5-day periods (Sunday 1400 to Friday 1400) only, ie no weekends or 7 day bookings while bookings for Buller may be 5,7day and weekends, with departures and arrivals on Friday and Sunday only.

Please read the safe operating plans for the appropriate lodge above. They are similar but with some differences reflecting the different set up in each lodge and state regulatory differences – they will necessarily affect your holiday experience. Please also keep up with the Resort’s operational plans.

Accommodation Bookings

We expect that some members will not be able to have their confirmed bookings satisfied under COVID-19 restrictions. 
As each lodge set up is different, there will be varying degrees of occupancy capacity available, depending on the lodge.  These changes are set out in each lodge COVID Safe Operating plan. You are encouraged to read them before you decide to:

  • confirm your existing booking;
  • amend your booking necessitated by the changed booking periods;
  • cancel your booking; or
  • make a new booking.

As you will read in the plans, contract cleaners will not be engaged and hence members will be expected to clean their allocated room and bathroom, noting each room (or family group) will have exclusive use of a bathroom and toilet during their stay. 
Lift Tickets

There will also be restrictions on the number of skiers allowed on the slopes, and the resorts are developing their plans for this. All resorts have begun ticket sales, but the arrangements vary between them. so go to the websites for latest information.

People without proof of purchase of tickets or confirmed accommodation appear unlikely to be allowed entry to the Kosciusko National Park, ie to Perisher and Thredbo. Similar restrictions may apply at Mt Buller.

Availability and use of season passes appear to vary between resorts, so again check their websites as the RAN Ski Club cannot give authoritative advice on any ticketing question.


Members should consider the lodge COVID Safe Plan, any underlying medical or age conditions, and how comfortable they are about travelling and holidaying in the ski fields in these circumstances. 
In this unique environment in which we all find ourselves, we are amending our cancellation policy as follows

  • Cancellation refunds will be made in line with the policy in the Booking rules.  Members may seek cancellations if they are unable to occupy the Lodge as a result of Government direction or medical advice regarding COVID-19 infection and/or risk profiles, non-acceptance of the club’s COVID 19 Safe Operating Plan applicable to the lodge for which members already have a booking, or Resort operational restrictions preclude the purchase of lift ticket.  
  • Additionally, restrictions on operations may mean that the Club is obliged to cancel all or part of some confirmed bookings. Both events will be considered as extraordinary circumstances and full refunds will be made, regardless of the timing.

We will need to handle all future bookings off-line for 2020, ie Club System bookings will remain closed.

Members may also request accommodation for accompanying guests depending on availability, noting that the guests may also need to show proof of purchase of tickets.

Your Directors remain committed to offering you the opportunity to enjoy the Club’s alpine holiday accommodation this year as far as we are lawfully able to do so.  We hope you choose to take advantage of our Club facilities this year.


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