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COVID-19 – Implications for Ski Club Operations

The RAN Ski Club Directors met on Saturday 4 April, by video conference to consider the impacts of COVID-19 on Club Operations. Currently the way ahead for the 2020 Ski season is unclear. In NSW there is a Public Health Order until 29 Jun which amongst other things, prohibits people travelling for holidays. Similar restrictions apply in Victoria.
We interpret this as meaning members will not be able to use the NSW lodges before 30 June, unless the Order is revoked before then. We assess this as unlikely. Beyond that is even less clear. Thredbo village has suspended taking Accommodation requests for this period. From what we can tell, Perisher is waiting. Buller has advised that people must not come to the alpine resorts for social purposes, recreation or working bees until further notice.
Current Booking Situation
A number of members have made and paid for bookings, both online and offline, for both the period from the normal opening of the season on the June long weekend until the end of June and for later in the season.
Bookings that have already been made and confirmed will be retained on Club System unless individual members wish to cancel them.  Cancellation refunds will be made in line with the policy in the Booking rules. If future restrictions on operations mean that the Club must cancel any of these confirmed bookings, then full refunds will be made, regardless of the timing.
Future Online Bookings
To reduce the administrative workload in taking and then perhaps having to refund accommodation charges, the Board has decided to put a temporary hold on online bookings until the situation is clearer. Thus, the online booking system (Club System) will be suspended until further notice. We will recommence Online bookings as soon as we can.Offline Bookings
Members may still register booking requests offline by using the manual booking form and send them to the office by fax or mail. These will be held in order of receipt and processed if /when the situation is clearer.
The Board is keen to operate this season if we can safely and legally do so. We regret the decision to suspend taking bookings, but believe it is in the best interests of members and will prevent your funds being tied up unnecessarily.
Looking Ahead

We will be reassessing the capacity of the lodges based on current Government space density policies and will review these further if the Government changes these limitations.

If necessary due to any changed capacity, we will cancel any over-limit bookings, based on ‘Last In First Out’ (LIFO) assessed by date and time of booking, which is recorded in Club System. Depending on the circumstances we may call for volunteers to cancel bookings.

If any members wish to cancel bookings already made, our normal cancellation policy will apply, noting that extraordinary cancellation provisions detailed in our By-Laws would apply if an individual booking cannot be continued because of:

  • quarantine directions for a diagnosed case of COVID -19,
  • a Government self-isolation direction, or
  • written medical advice that the booked person cannot travel because of high vulnerability to COVID-19.

If the Directors are obliged to close a Lodge for a period because of Government or Lodge Lessor direction, or a decision by a Resort Operator to cease operations at the resort, full refunds will be granted for bookings during that period.

Updated 7 April 2020

Online Booking System Bed Availability 

Due to our need to closely manage bed allocations to take account of the gender and age mix of members and guests, we cannot allow all beds to be available for online bookings. Also, the licence limit in each lodge is below the total number of beds. As a result of these 2 factors, at times it is not possible to use all beds in the lodges.  We must keep a small number available for the Booking Officer to manage these issues. 

This means that at some busy periods, we may have some beds available even though the online Availability shows none.

In these circumstances, members should contact the Booking Officer offline to check whether individual bookings can be taken, and also to register interest in being placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations. 

For other Club Administration business such as Accommodation availability or Bookings for those without online access, or offline payment of accounts for Membership or Accommodation, members should contact the Canberra office on   (02) 6295 6634 as the Webmaster does not have access to club Admin records.

RAN Ski Club Online Booking System (Club System) Sitrep  1 June 19

We have contracted to use a commercial online Membership management and Accommodation Booking System which has been developed specifically for Ski Clubs, called Club System.

Club System has been linked to our Website and members can pay Annual Subs invoices online through Club System. Members will be able to use it for payment, at their option, for annual subscriptions, and accommodation bookings at Perisher. An email with log in details was sent to all members on 31 Dec 18.

If you have not received the login please contact VPMMC on

Traditional mail bookings will still be available for the lodges in 2019, but the new system gives immediate feedback on availability at Perisher and after payment, confirms bookings where accommodation is available.

Click here for the User Instructions for Club System

Vale – Graham Wright 

It is with sadness that The RAN Ski Club learned of the death on 29 April 2018 of our Respected Life Member, Captain Graham Wright RAN Retd. Graham joined the RANC in 1934 aged 13 and graduated in 1937 as the King’s Medalist. As a Midshipman in 1938 he was a member of the RN Honour Guard at the funeral of Kemal Ataturk, the President of Turkey.

When Navigator of the destroyer HMAS Norman on a mission to Russia from Scapa Flow via Iceland he navigated the ship up the Drina River by night without accurate charts or pilotage to deliver Churchill’s secret envoy to Stalin. While he was navigating Norman in the Mediterranean the ship avoided repeated dive bomb and torpedo attacks. One of these attacks destroyed HMAS Nestor. Later he undertook the Navigation Specialist Course at Greenwich Naval College and was awarded the sextant prize for topping the course.

Post war he commanded the River Class frigate HMAS Culgoa in 1951 to 1952 and later he was appointed Training Commander at HMAS Cerberus. In the rank of Captain he was the Naval Officer in Command West Australia Area from 1959 to 1960. After he retired from the Navy he became head of the Research Office for SEATO in Bangkok.

As a senior public servant he worked on the Tange Report, which created the modern Australian Defence Force by amalgamating the administration of the three armed services. His thesis for an Honours Degree to add to his Bachelor of Arts, gained whilst serving, was the blueprint for the amalgamation.

He was one of the founders and a life member of the RAN Ski Club, and was President for a number of years. He continued to ski well into his 90s and was a popular and regular attendee at our AGMs. 
He also played cricket for Navy and Manuka CC, and at 90 in UK he played his last innings for the I.Zingari Australia Cricket Club Captain Wright was awarded the Arctic Star by the UK Government in 2013 for his service in World War 11, in particular in the Arctic region. He was the oldest living graduate of the RANC and a lifelong member of the Naval Officers Club and the Naval Warfare Officers Association. Navy extends its condolences to Captain Wright’s family.

Graham with members of the Board at the 2017 AGM


  In his capacity as President of the RAN Ski Club, Commander Maritime Border Command, RADM Peter Laver AM, RAN accepts a ‘Tour de Cure Thank You’ framed certificate from CMDR Mike Hogan RANR (a Tour de Cure rider).

Thirty four Tour de Cure cyclists made use of the RAN Ski Club’s Thredbo Ski Lodge as a base during the recent 106km L’Etape (by Tour de France) ride and race, in the Snowy Mountains and around Jindabyne. Tour de Cure was the Charity Partner of the L’Etape event and Mr. Geoff Coombes, Director and co-Founder of Tour de Cure charity, was very impressed with the RAN Ski Club’s Thredbo Ski Lodge, describing it as, ‘a perfect cost-effective facility for a Tour de Cure cycling group to operate and train from, particularly after a 100k plus in filthy weather. The Lodge was warm and comfortable; additionally, it facilitated our engagement with the L’Etape event organisers and local communities through the Tour de Cure’s ‘Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy’ Cancer education program.

As the President of the RAN Ski Club, RADM Laver was supportive of Tour de Cure’s use of the Thredbo Lodge and is also supportive of other sporting teams seeking to use the RAN Ski Club’s facilities during less ‘traditional’ periods. RADM Laver also urged those within the RAN, and ADF more broadly, who are yet to experience the Snowy Mountains to join the RAN Ski club; and for those considering becoming a RAN Ski Club member, the Club has a ‘try before you buy’ offer that allows non-members to experience both the RAN Ski Club’s facilities and the Snowy Mountains. “The standard of the RAN Ski Club’s facilities in Thredbo, Perisher and Mt. Buller will surprise many” RADM Laver said. For RAN Ski Club information and joining proformas go to:

Tour de Cure is a Charity dedicated to curing cancer. Through their tours and events, they raise vital funds for the game-changing cancer research, support and prevention projects that will bring the dream of a world without cancer closer to reality. Support is critical. For more information and opportunities to participate in Tour de Cure tours and events, go to