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The RAN Ski Club is a sporting Club for members and ex-members of the Royal Australian Navy and other ADF members. This website provides information about the RAN Ski Club

Current Club Members can log in to the Online Membership and Bookings System (Club System) for access to the Membership System. click here to go to the login page

Please note that because of restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not using the Online Accommodation Booking for any accommodation bookings in the 2021 summer season. Use in the Ski season may depend on  what COVID restrictions are in place.

Accommodation Bookings and enquiries

Accommodation Bookings and enquiries cannot be made by email as the Webmaster is remote from the Club’s Canberra office, with no access to records. Please phone the office on (02) 6295 6634 if you have a query. And please do not send credit card details to this email address as it is not secure.

General Enquiries

Email inquiries on all other subjects including conditions of membership contact the Webmaster at info@ranskiclub.com.au  

Important Links

2021 – Donating made easier!

Thank you to the Club Members who, despite the toughness of 2020, continued to support the Club with donations. Donations, although down on 2019, were still a significant $3,300. Added to the difficulties of 2020, it took commitment to make a donation to the Club, because it is not technically possible in our online Booking and Membership system to make a donation in the same transaction as Subscription renewal.

However, in addition to the direct deposit method mentioned last year, there is a new method to make it easier to donate.  Of course, if you prefer to deal with the Office, please contact Liz, as in the past.

New Option – Direct from PayPal without an invoice – quick and easy

Click on this link Donate to our Rebuilding Fund

It will take you to PayPal where you can donate whatever amount you wish.  

Alternative Option 1 – Direct Deposit – better for larger donations

Deposit your donation direct to the account which is dedicated to the Thredbo Lodge Rebuild, where funds are quarantined prior to establishing a term deposit.  Account details are:  The R.A.N. Ski Club, BSB 032 729, Account 33 3148.  Please don’t forget your name in the description field.  This method avoids paying the PayPal fee which is a sliding scale averaging some 2.86 per cent (or $28.63 on $1000).

Alternative Option 2 – deal directly with the Office

Ring Liz, who will be only too happy to take your money!

Life in the Mountains

For the latest info on events in the mountains go to the Resort Activities page for the resorts where the RAN Ski Club has lodges


Serving Navy Members – Now’s the time to join the RAN Ski Club!

We’re doing special deals for Navy members:

  • If you are a Sailor of LS rank or below or an Officer of SBLT rank or below, you can join now and only pay the joining fee of $ 217. We will not charge the Annual Subscription until 2022. Use the Ordinary Member application form here to apply.2021 ADF Membership Application v1
  • All serving Navy members can ‘try before you buy’ by staying at one of our lodges without having to join, paying guest rates of accommodation as a guest of the Lodge Manager. This is a once only opportunity and must be booked through the Booking Officer using this form.  Try before you Buy Application

                                          Family Members turning 21

Children of members cease to be entitled to Family Membership on turning 21. In the first year, ie before turning 22. you can apply to become an Associate Member in your own right and only pay the joining fee of $217. We will not charge the Annual Subscription until 2022. Use the Associate Member application form here to apply. 

2021 EX FAMILY NON ADF Associate Membership Application v1


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