News from the Resorts

The winter season is nearly upon us.

Attached, from the current edition (no 4) of the Snowy Mountains Magazine, are copies of some articles of interest to Club members.

Steve Cuff, the founder of the Snowy Mountains Magazine, has provided the information set out below in relation to the Magazine and how best to access it.



Visitors to the snow this year will see a new FREE Snowy Mountains Magazine now circulating. This magazine was started by Jindabyne’s Steve Cuff and is printed 8 times per annum. They have already published four editions across summer and autumn and will now start monthly editions starting in June until September.

Visitors to the snow can find hard copies at many places, but for Perisher guests you could find them at distribution boxes at Nuggets Crossing in Jindabyne, Skitube Bullocks Flat and Skitube Terminal Building at Perisher. The main commercial hotels also receive them for their guests and some lodges will have copies placed in their delivery bins at the Perisher Freight shed.

For those not in the snow yet or who may be in the cities, most ski and snowboard shops receive them in Canberra and Sydney, or you can just as easily subscribe for free and read the online edition.

Visit and follow the directions to register as a once off to enable you to view the full edition.

You will have to enter details, but you do not get bombarded with spam messages.

You can scroll through all the pages and keep up to date with the latest news and stories. You can also share stories from the online edition to your Facebook page for other people to see the links

If there is a lodge manager at each lodge, feel free to take a few copies at the start of the month from the distribution boxes back to your lodge.

Should you have any interesting stories, send Steve an email and he will contact you in due course and discuss if he thinks it may be of interest to readers.

Steve previously worked on the Snowy Times, but this Fairfax publication is no longer printing in the region as of last November.

The new magazine also has a website, and a Facebook page you can like, Snowy Mountains Magazine.

Perisher Peak Festival 2016

2016 Perisher Peak Festival is proud to present Ngaiire, one of Australia’s most unique, eclectic and fearless artists, as evidenced by her electric shows, spine-tingling vocal deliveries and outrageous costumes.

An artist definitely not to be missed!

The Perisher Peak Festival line up includes a diverse group of over 30 Australian and International artists who will showcase their amazing mix of talent and entertainment across

10 live stages throughout the resort.  Click here to see the 2016 Perisher Peak Festival line up.

Purchase your 4 day Long Weekend Festival Pass now for the exclusive SLOPES Member price of just $110. This applies to RAN Ski Club members.

Come and help us celebrate the arrival of the 2016 winter season on the June Long Weekend at Perisher Peak Music Festival.image001

Route announced for L’Étape Australia by le Tour de France


L’Étape Australia is pleased to announce today the official race route for L’Étape Australia by le Tour de France 2016.

Expertly designed to replicate a stage of the world famous Tour de France, this route has been personally endorsed by Le Tour de France Race Director Christian Prudhomme.

Christian Prudhomme said:

“L’Étape Australia provides a very similar experience for riders to a mountainous stage of the Tour de France; traversing through a multitude of stunning landscapes and topographies and a truly challenging final climb, this route has all the necessary ingredients to provide riders with a true Tour de France challenge.”

Taking place on Saturday 3 December in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains, L’Étape Australia is run on closed roads under full race conditions, with two levels of difficulty to choose from.

The Race covers 157km of gruelling terrain with two difficult climbs taking the route to a peak of 1,735m. The Ride is a shorter but still testing 126km course with a peak of 1,300m suited to those who wish to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and experience without the intensity of the final climb.

From the start line in Crackenback, the race route provides riders with an eclectic mix of undulating hills and flat sections leading up to the 300 sprint stretch for the Green Jersey  which takes place in the village of Berridale.

The King of the Mountain climb comes at the Col de Beloka, a challenging and punchy 3.5km stretch with an average gradient of 10% but with some sections reaching 17% gradient.

Cyclists competing in the shorter course, The Ride, will then pass the finish line at L’Étape Australia Village on the banks of Lake Jindabyne.

But for those competing in The Race things heat up. Riders will pass Jindabyne and hug the lake side before turning uphill to begin a steep and long ascent of Col de Kosciuszko to the finish line at Perisher, where fans line the road awaiting the arrival of the Yellow Jersey overall winner. After 157km of racing and 1739m above sea level, this final, leg-burning climb of The Race is comparable to the mountain stages of the Tour de France.

From the finish line at Perisher, riders will take their bikes down the SkiTube to the start at Bullocks Flat/ Crackenback and either retrieve their vehicles or catch a shuttle back to the social, celebratory and administrative heart of the event at L’Étape Australia Village, encamped on the banks of Lake Jindabyne.


Head to for more info and to join the entry waitlist