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2018 Annual General Meeting

The next Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the RAN Ski Club will be held at the RAN Ski Club Lodge, Thredbo, at 3.00 pm on Saturday 19 May 2018. All members are invited to attend. Associate and other members are welcome to speak however, only Ordinary and Honorary Life Members are eligible to vote. The Notice of the AGM and other relevant papers are available here.2018 Notice of AGM

RAN Ski Club Online Booking System (Club System) Sitrep at 31 March 18

We have contracted to use a commercial online Membership management and Accommodation Booking System which has been developed specifically for Ski Clubs, called Club System.

Club System will be linked to our Website soon. We have some issues to resolve relating to rates and dates which we are working on with the System Developer. Then members will be able to use it for payment, at their option, for accommodation bookings for Perisher lodge. An email with log in details will be sent to all members when the system is ready. 

Traditional mail bookings will still be available for Perisher, but the new system will give immediate feedback on availability and after payment, will confirm bookings in most cases where accommodation is available.Traditional bookings only will be used for Thredbo and Buller.

Click here for the User Instructions for Club System

  In his capacity as President of the RAN Ski Club, Commander Maritime Border Command, RADM Peter Laver AM, RAN accepts a ‘Tour de Cure Thank You’ framed certificate from CMDR Mike Hogan RANR (a Tour de Cure rider).

Thirty four Tour de Cure cyclists made use of the RAN Ski Club’s Thredbo Ski Lodge as a base during the recent 106km L’Etape (by Tour de France) ride and race, in the Snowy Mountains and around Jindabyne. Tour de Cure was the Charity Partner of the L’Etape event and Mr. Geoff Coombes, Director and co-Founder of Tour de Cure charity, was very impressed with the RAN Ski Club’s Thredbo Ski Lodge, describing it as, ‘a perfect cost-effective facility for a Tour de Cure cycling group to operate and train from, particularly after a 100k plus in filthy weather. The Lodge was warm and comfortable; additionally, it facilitated our engagement with the L’Etape event organisers and local communities through the Tour de Cure’s ‘Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy’ Cancer education program.

As the President of the RAN Ski Club, RADM Laver was supportive of Tour de Cure’s use of the Thredbo Lodge and is also supportive of other sporting teams seeking to use the RAN Ski Club’s facilities during less ‘traditional’ periods. RADM Laver also urged those within the RAN, and ADF more broadly, who are yet to experience the Snowy Mountains to join the RAN Ski club; and for those considering becoming a RAN Ski Club member, the Club has a ‘try before you buy’ offer that allows non-members to experience both the RAN Ski Club’s facilities and the Snowy Mountains. “The standard of the RAN Ski Club’s facilities in Thredbo, Perisher and Mt. Buller will surprise many” RADM Laver said. For RAN Ski Club information and joining proformas go to:

Tour de Cure is a Charity dedicated to curing cancer. Through their tours and events, they raise vital funds for the game-changing cancer research, support and prevention projects that will bring the dream of a world without cancer closer to reality. Support is critical. For more information and opportunities to participate in Tour de Cure tours and events, go to


At the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the RAN Ski Club held at the RAN Ski Club Lodge, Mt. Buller, at 3.00 pm on Saturday 20 May 2017.The following members were elected to positions on the Board:

 President                                            PETER LAVER                     

Secretary                                            DAVID DYKSTRA               

Treasurer                                            PAUL JONES                      

VP Thredbo Lodge                            PHILIP GREGORY                             

VP Buller Lodge                                 ADRIAN HILLS                   

VP Perisher Lodge                            RICHARD Mc MASTER                    

VP Membership & Marketing           GEOFFREY COLE


RAN Ski Club Newsletters

We publish a Newsletter to members in April and December each year. Click on the links below to see copies of recent Newsletters.

April 2017

We now have a Facebook page at

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Updated 17 Apr 18

Recent Posts

News from the Resorts

The winter season is nearly upon us.

Attached, from the current edition (no 4) of the Snowy Mountains Magazine, are copies of some articles of interest to Club members.

Steve Cuff, the founder of the Snowy Mountains Magazine, has provided the information set out below in relation to the Magazine and how best to access it.



Visitors to the snow this year will see a new FREE Snowy Mountains Magazine now circulating. This magazine was started by Jindabyne’s Steve Cuff and is printed 8 times per annum. They have already published four editions across summer and autumn and will now start monthly editions starting in June until September.

Visitors to the snow can find hard copies at many places, but for Perisher guests you could find them at distribution boxes at Nuggets Crossing in Jindabyne, Skitube Bullocks Flat and Skitube Terminal Building at Perisher. The main commercial hotels also receive them for their guests and some lodges will have copies placed in their delivery bins at the Perisher Freight shed.

For those not in the snow yet or who may be in the cities, most ski and snowboard shops receive them in Canberra and Sydney, or you can just as easily subscribe for free and read the online edition.

Visit and follow the directions to register as a once off to enable you to view the full edition.

You will have to enter details, but you do not get bombarded with spam messages.

You can scroll through all the pages and keep up to date with the latest news and stories. You can also share stories from the online edition to your Facebook page for other people to see the links

If there is a lodge manager at each lodge, feel free to take a few copies at the start of the month from the distribution boxes back to your lodge.

Should you have any interesting stories, send Steve an email and he will contact you in due course and discuss if he thinks it may be of interest to readers.

Steve previously worked on the Snowy Times, but this Fairfax publication is no longer printing in the region as of last November.

The new magazine also has a website, and a Facebook page you can like, Snowy Mountains Magazine.

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